Medibyl is a pharmacy software that helps to organize patients’ information and catalogue their prescription needs. This customizable application from Largestone is a medical billing software that puts the pharmacy in touch with the physician, thereby coordinating access to pharmacy supplies and drug information. By pooling in the doctors in your location and enhancing your network, a prescription pathway is estimated and adhered to, saving a ton of time on adhoc drug procurement. By being a standalone computer application, this software provides a way to behave like an online pharmacist with look-up tables full of drug reference, online drug dictionary and a simple drug index in totality.

Medibyl comes as a boon for drug stores that envision to organize their pharmacy supplies and also keep their procurement relevant and thus prevent hoarding of expired drugs. It is a symbiotic relationship with the physician desk reference considering they would also prefer to keep up to the latest in drug research and technology.

We have developed this pharmacy dispensing software to make it easy for the customers to do dedicated refills and hassle-free pharmacy visits. By understanding the very basic disadvantages and fallacies in drug business, we studied the gaps that distance the physician from the patient and pharmacy. This translated into technical requirements and showed up as the foundation for our technical team to furnish out a product that highlighted utmost ease of use access to all the stakeholders alike. For quick pharmacy solutions, Medibyl is the answer.

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